Concepts and Research

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Comprehension is...

Comprehension: the complex cognitive process involving the intentional interaction between reader and text to extract meaning.

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Factors that Impact Reading Comprehension

Reader Based Factors Text Based Factors
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Alphabetic Understanding
  • Fluency with the Code
  • Vocabulary knowledge
  • Prior knowledge
  • Engagement and interest
  • Narrative v. Expository
  • Genre considerations
  • Quality of text
  • Density and difficulty of concepts

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Research on Reading Comprehension tells us that...

National Reading Panel (2000; see References)



The National Reading Panel recommends:

Causes of Reading Comprehension Failure

Kame'enui & Simmons, 1990 (See References)

Types of Comprehension Instruction that Have Evidence of Improving Comprehension