Phonemic Awareness


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Teaching Strategies and Examples: Sound Isolation

Use Conspicuous Strategies

  1. Show children how to do all the steps in the task before asking children to do the task.

    Example: (Put down 2 pictures that begin with different sounds and say the names of the pictures.) "My turn to say the first sound in man, /mmm/. Mmman begins with /mmm/. Everyone, say the first sound in man, /mmm

    Non-example: "Who can tell me the first sounds in these pictures?"

  2. Use consistent and brief wording.

    Example: "The first sound in Mmman is /mmm/. Everyone say the first sound in man, /mmm/."

    Non-example: "Man starts with the same sound as the first sounds in mountain, mop, and Miranda. Does anyone know other words that begin with the same sound as man?"

  3. Correct errors by telling the answer and having children repeat the correct answer.

    Example: "The first sound in Man is /mmm/. Say the first sound in mmman with me, /mmm/. /Mmmm/."

    Non-example: Asking the question again or asking more questions. "Look at the picture again. What is the first sound?"

Video Clip Example: First Sound Identification

Specific Skill: First sound identification using /e/ as an example.

Skills taught prior to this clip were: Sound and word discrimination.

Things to look for in this clip:

Video Clip Play Button First Sound Identification

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Instructional Materials used in this clip:
Simmons, D. & Kame'enui, E. (1999) Optimize. Eugene, OR: College of Education, Institute for Development of Educational Achievement, University of Oregon.