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Principal Tools to Support a School-wide Reading Initiative

The tools contained in this section are intended to be used by building principals or other elementary school leaders to support school-wide initiatives for improving reading achievement. Examples of such efforts include Reading First implementation and Title 1 School-wide Projects.

The tools are designed around the role of the principal in four different contexts:

  1. within the principals' various administrative roles or functions;
  2. within the structures of time;
  3. within the elements of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and motivation;
  4. relative to other people with whom the principal must work to get things done.
Some of the ideas contained in these tools are derived from research; others emerged from "craft knowledge" stemming from the author's 22 years as an elementary school principal focusing on reading improvement. The ideas are not meant to be inclusive in any category. They may be used in any way deemed useful in educational practice. Distribution or use in print form should be with attribution.

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