The goal of all children reading proficiently and imaginatively at grade level by the end of third grade is well within reach. This website is designed to provide information and technology to teachers, administrators, and parents across the country. With determination, vigor, and reliance on validated research, the goal of all children reading by the end of third grade will be reached.

GOAL: All children reading by the end of third grade.

The Scope of Reading in the U.S.

Demographics and Societal Trends

The Persistence of Reading Difficulties

The Difficulty of Sustaining Effective Practices

Teaching Reading is the Integration of Two Complex Systems

Horizontal Line

Schoolwide Beginning Reading Model

Schoolwide Reading Model Triangle This graphic represents the critical dimensions of the Schoolwide Beginning Reading Model:
  • The top of the triangle represents differentiated and individualized instruction for each student through the use of ongoing progress monitoring and instructional adjustments.
  • The base of the triangle represents a schoolwide framework or infrastructure that supports comprehensive and coordinated reading goals, assessment and instruction for all students.

The Schoolwide Model is designed to take what we know from scientifically-based reading research and translate it into effective reading practices. The overall goal of the Schoolwide Model is to:

"Build the capacity, communication, and commitment to ensure that all children are readers by Grade 3".